Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rita Ora for Rimmel

Hello Beauties,
On my most recent trip to Boots I intended to avoid the make up isles. They are way too alluring for me and terribly dangerous for my bank balance. However as per usual I was unable to resist! I walked past an end stand and three pastel nail polishes caught my eye. I marched straight up to the cash desk, paid and left. NO WILL POWER!

The three polishes that I picked up are by Rimmel and are part of Rita Ora's new collection. I own a few of the Rimmel 60 seconds nail polishes and quiet like them. The brushes are wide and short and great for one stroke coverage. 
The shades that I picked up were three beautiful pastel shades and bang on trend for spring.

203 Lose Your Lingerie is a baby pink with slight shimmer which does not transfer on to the nail. At first the shimmer slightly put me off however the shade is very opaque and has little to no shimmer which is a slight disappointment now I see it on the nail, a bit of shimmer wouldn't go a miss!

873 Breakfast in Bed is a mint green with a slight shimmer however just like Lose Your Lingerie the shimmer does not translate onto the nail once dry. It is a great shade, I just wouldn't quite consider it a pastel, it seems a shade slightly too dark for my liking to be classed as a pastel.


703 White Hot Love is a white polish with a slight shimmer which just like the other two shades does not translate onto the nail at all once dry. It is a great white polish that everyone needs in their collection.

What I will say about the "shimmer" that is visible very clearly when looking at the bottle, it is not so visible on the nail once dry at all, however it does give the overall look more of a glossier sheen than an average nail polish. For me the glossier my nails look, the better! 

Rita Ora's collection for Rimmel is now available at boots and at at £3.69 each and are currently in the 3 for 2 offer.

Let me know if you've used these before.
Love, Belle

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  1. These colours are gorge, I'm loving pastels right now :-) x