Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday Summary WK7

 001. It is past midnight and I am awake writing up English coursework 'little miss last minute' Hello!

002. Today was  my first Sunday off in ages, i have spent the majority of my day huffing and puffing, making trips up and down the stairs of my house carrying my beloved life long belongings in numerous handbags and bin bags. i spent a part of the day in ikea purchasing new bedding and pretty little tins to keep my make-up etc in. i also purchased some purple draw separators, these are so handy and I'm so glad they now come in black and purple because the white ones always get covered in make-up! once my new room is up an running and looking how i like it i will do a post on storage and so on.

003. I have had a week off from studying and tomorrow is my first day back, to top that off it is a full day of lectures, but i will be glad to get back in to ym routine of a cappucino in the morning a cappucino at 11am a cappucino at dinner and a cappucino after!

004. I recently started using a wonderfully coloured max factor lipstick named 'pink brandy' it smells like cherry, applies like a dream and is such a perfect coral-pink for spring although i am not sure wether i have had a reaction from the lipstick itself or the stress of  moving and running around matched with cold weather which has led to my lips being bitterly dry and spliting these past two days :(

005. Once i am settled in my new home in on of the UK's capitals i will be closer to a fantastic shoppping city and will have my tuesdays and fridays free to BLOG!

I hope you have a lovely week my beauties, you lot have been fantastic to me this week.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Miss Sunshine and Sparkle

Hello lovelies,
I hope you're all well! While I have been pondering over how to reward my lovely followers the wonderful Danielle over at Miss Sunshine and Sparkle has a fantastic giveaway for her beauties!
You could be in with the chance of winning a Standard Mac Eye Shadow or a Mac Paint Pot or a Mac Cream Colour Base of your choice. The giveaway will be open internationally and will be running until the 31st March. New followers are welcome to enter. To enter you MUST be a follower via Google Friend Connect and tell Danielle in the comments below the giveaway on her page which Mac product you would love to win and what colour.

Danielle is a fantastic blogger, she is always on the ball with brilliant products and interesting things to say, her NOTD posts are always so beautiful, the make-up posts are inspiring and in detail, She has fantastic taste in clothing and her 'this girls gotta have em' posts are always so fun to read, her blog really is full of sunshine and sparkle.
Pop over to Miss Sunshine and Sparkle and check it out for yourself, don't forget to enter her giveaway!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

thank you

Hello beauties :)

I hope everyone is well, this is just a quick post to basically say Thank You. Thank you to all of you lovely followers, this week has been really great for me in the blogsphere, I have received the most traffic and gained over 10 followers in two days, it doesn't sound like much but I can't explain how much it means to me and how overwhelmed it makes me feel when I get lovely e-mails on my black(white)berry telling me I have a new comment :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

are the taps running, darling?

Morning lovely readers :)
Last night i enjoyed a lovely deserving bath after a lot of hard work, i have spent days upon days packing my beloved handbags, products and endless cosmetics ready to move house on Friday.
my favourite items at bathtime, a yankee candle in a teacup :) a lovely book and a lushes item from LUSH.
The book I'm reading at the moment 'ceceilia ahern - the time of my life'. My all time favourite 'cinnamon stick' yankee candle from for £1.65 sample size and my 'think pink' bath bomb from LUSH for £2.45.
'Think Pink' is a truly girly scent it is very similar to 'snow fairy' from LUSH which you can get around the Christmas period, 'Think Pink' is a bright pink bath bomb for £2.45 it is generous in size. The pretty flowers on top are also bath bomb and once the bath bomb begins to fizz away you are left with bright pink sweetly scented bath water filled with confetti hearts :) (which are difficult to spot in the photos)
It was a perfect bathtime,
do you have similar bath time must haves?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

latest in beauty

Evening ladies,
Here is my latest 'latest in beauty' box, it follows the same concept as glossybox and all the other beauty boxes out there but with this one you know what you are getting. You can often choose two extra samples yourself and it is £6.95 including P&P. You become a member for free and it doesn't follow a subscription like glossybox but is a one off payment.You simply put the box in your cart/shopping basket and pay for it at the checkout.
I received the refresh&recover box ready for the new year ahead. They say 'kick start your healthy regime for 2012 with the Refresh & Recover Box, packed with products designed to help you look and feel beautiful from the inside, out' 
 Inside my box was; figs and rouge sweet geranium balm, lavera hand cream, monu recovery balm, monu face wash, monu moisturiser, monu face mask, cosmetofruit dinkable elixir, teapigs tummy tonice tea bag, actimint probiotic mints and i chose burt's bees honey and milk body moisturiser and clarins mutli-active day cream.

the 'figs and rouge sweet geranium balm' -8ml tin is lovely, the tin is so pretty and girly. It has art nouveau decoration on the lid and it can be used on the lips, face or body and who doesn't love a multi purpose product! It is a brand i have heard only good things about in the past, it is 100% organic and is made from natural botanical ingredients such as - sunflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, rosehip oil, calendula extract, rose geranium essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil. You can purchase the 8ml tin for £3.49 from

I am always pleased to see hand creams in beauty boxes as they are something i always love to have floating around in the bottom of my handbag but are never something i go out to buy, i was pleased to see it was a 'Lavera' hand cream -20ml tube as i have used their fake tan and sun screen before but i was actually dissapointed with this product, the smell was very over powering and it took a while to settle into my skin. You can purchase these from feel unique for £6.95 -75ml tube.

I was so very excited to recieve more 'monu' products, i can not rate them enough see my post here. i love them and think that they are fantastic. i was expecting to recieve the 'monu' recovery balm -8ml tube which is my all time holy grail moisturising product but instead i was sent four miniature products, at first i was dissapointed but with the chance to try three other 'monu' products i was then delighted!

Fruit enhancing really good for you drinks are products that i am always scepticale of, they confuse me and i feel as though i should be taking vitamins in tablet form, drinking lots of water and eating my five a day etc to keep healthy but this 'cosmetofruit drinkable elixir' says 'it is a drinkable elixir dietary supplement for total beauty and health from within in just one delicious step, it is a powerful concentrate that works to detoxify and revitalise the skin' but i must say it tastes very metalic and is slightly unbearable for my liking! You can purchase the whole range from for £35.00 -120ml bottle.

The teapigs tummy tonic tea are really cute and come in a sweet brown paper recycled sachet and the mints come in small plastic packaging. Both are pleasant samples and is what i would expect to find in a refresh and recover box to fix the inside and out! You can purchase the whole range of tea from

I loved the 'latest in beauty box' it is so nice that at the checkout you can choose two samples of your choice out of 10. I chose 'Burt's Bee's' Honey & Milk body moisturiser and 'Clarins' moisturiser two fantastic products and again two of my Holy Grail always go to items.

Will you be purchasing the next 'Latest in beauty box'?

and charlie's making me smile

Charlie :)

Hello ladies,
here are my new boots, they are named 'charlie' not named by myself but named by dune i currently work as a supervisor in one of their flagship stores, i chose them as my new uniform shoes. they are so comfortable and they aptly go with everything!
i love them so much, the leather is so soft and they are such a lovely colour brown, they  and have zips on the inside leg and laces on the outer. the heel is slight but give my 5ft frame a bit of comfortable and sensible height, since the day i got them i have been wearing them to death. i feel they are quiet manly and so i have been wearing them with cable nit tights, pretty dresses and chunky nit cardigans to keep them girly!
you can purchase these for £99 at DUNE they also come in black!
have you bought new boots or shoes from DUNE?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday Summary WK6

myself yesterday morning in my lovely 'maternity' jumper from topshop sporting the lovely '17 hot flash' lipstick.

001. I am aware that it is in fact Monday. Although it feels like a really long 48hour Sunday to me! I am currently in my kitchen eating Scotch pancakes with butter and a cupa, having not long walked through the door after a short four hours in work.

002. At the moment I am living in leggings over sized jumpers and my new boots, named 'Charlie' I will post a picture of these tomorrow otherwise you can pop over to dune and see them for yourself, I love them and am currently wearing them to death :)

003. Me the boyf, his parents and brother have been sitting in the living room for the past hour listening to 34 of Whitney houstons greatest hits eating chocolate and drinking whiskey, interesting choice of evening, We all had a sing along and rejoiced in her beautiful voice.

004. Tomorrow will be a day spent at 'urbs' urban outfitters and nandos with my bestest beauty Beth she is finally home from uni and that's a typical Beth and BlueBelle day!

005. I am moving house on Friday, it shall be interesting and possibly questionable haha.
It is mine and the boyfs valentines day celebrations on Thursday, i have planned the day up until 6pm and he has planned 6pm onwards :) better late than never.

Enjoy your valentines, have a lovely week.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sunday Summary WK5 (posted on a monday)

me and my brother Felix yesterday morning getting ready for our walk in the snow :)

001. i can't believe it is Sunday already and no post have been posted since. Sincere apologies to my lovely readers. i could not even bare to look at my ipad yesterday  let alone touch it, i know this is probably seen as ungrateful but it just doesn't work the way i want it too, i am a technology phobe and a laptop is much more suited to my liking. do not despair the boyf loves the ipad and it now has a lovely home. haha.

002. this week has been an average one although i have fallen head over heels for the new cream puff lip creams from 'Collection 2000' i purchased the shades 'Creme Puff' and 'Cotton Candy' more to come on 'Creme Puff' but 'Cotton Candy' is a beautiful shade. it is a mix between my beloved dior addict lipsticks in 'show, 778' and 'rouge podium, 773' and is the perfect shade. this has made me very happy this week.

003. i have spent all week testing out my valentines glossy box which has graced the blogsphere highly this week, I'm loving it and hatin' it. very mixed views on this months box i must say.

004. i also received a box from latest in beauty, i haven't seen many of these in the blog world this may be due to the packaging and presentation of the box and the products although it is great value and delivers fantastic products to try. more on this later!