Sunday, 30 October 2011

are you my melody?

goodnight everyone,
just a quick goodnight post, full of kate earl's soothing voice, she is beautiful and so is her music. i have had this song on repeat all day and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all.

'and i find that i'm never alone and i find that my heart is my home and the music within makes me whole, a world that i built on my own and i know that i'm never alone and i know that my heart is my home, every missing piece of me i can find in a melody'

what do you think of kate earl?

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

home sweet home

hello all,
i have missed my wonderful world of indulging in a blog or two a day and have dearly missed writing for you all.
i hope everyone has had a wonderful 5 days, i am now back from my travels and can not wait to load my pictures of my trip for you.
the next post will be full of information from butler&wilson, forever21, topshop, aldo, newlook, vintage, harrods and more so don't forget to check back, have a lovely day tomorrow.
have you been on your travels recently?

Monday, 24 October 2011

bye bye.

goodnight all,
i hope your loving pillow talking after my last post.
just a quick ta ta before i bid adieu, i am off to LDN tomorrow and therefore 5days of postlesness lay ahead.
i will miss it dearly and when i return i will have a gazillion posts on my travels, food, jewelle's and gems to share with you all.
but for now here are a few from my list trip,
have a wonderful 5days, speak soon.

pillow talk

evening all,
i have been packing for london and haven't even realised the time. today on my mini mission to buy my holy grail items ready for my trip i could not help but pop to topshop and purchase the most blogged about lipstick this month 'pillow talk'
boy oh boy, i can not wait to get pillow talking!
although my lips are always usually pink stained from my beloved dior addict in 773, i can see that 'pillow talk' has a lovely light baby pink sheen, it has a creme texture just like the MAC shy girl lipstick wich is usually my summer necessity and smells lush, it has a sweet but light strawberries&cream scent.
it looks and smells so yummy.
'pillow talk' is a special edition from topshop so get your hands on it asap.

have you been pillow talking?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

hello all,
just before i pop out for my saturday shopping i am here to post my ocotber glossybox review.
this month i am happy with the products, i recieved 3 dermalogica products plus a carry case, leighton denny nail varnish, a stila eye liner, and 3 perfume samples.

the information card inside is bigger and has barcods on the side, if you have a specific app on your mobile you can scan these and it will take you straight to the website to purchase and review.

i was thrilled to recieve this colour of the leighton denny nail polish in 'babydoll' it is my kinda colour, although i have a few corals and pinks i don't quiet have this shade and i love it, my only glitch with this is the application, lines appear and it isn't as smooth as i imagined but it dries rather quickly and has great pigment. i probably wouldn't purchase it myself as i would stick to nails inc for a smiliar price and better overall satisfaction rating.  i was really pleased with the colour of the stila eyeliner, it's a lovely kakhi with brown, orange and green sparkles in it, it is deffinatley waterproof and glides on like a dream, although i will be contacting glossy about my eyeliner, it took ages for it to wind up and now it is impossible to wind down?
has anybody else had this problem?
the perfume samples are not to my taste and this is where i believe a beauty profile would come in handy for the team at glossybox to possibly minimise complaints, they were beautifully packaged but i do feel a bit let down when recieving perfume samples.
i am overall happy with my glossybox this month, i have tried most products and will be using them till they're all gone. thanks glossybox team, i can't wait till november!

saturday shopping

morning all,
i hope you enjoyed your friday night, this morning is very sunny and rather chilly. my kind of morning :)
i'm going to pop into town soon to have a look in topshop, there sale is on at the moment and i think i'm in need of some pillow talk (i will review when purchased)
i've also go my eye on a new chanel lipstick which i can't wait to buy and try and review for you all.
have a lovely saturday, my glossybox review is coming up next.

here is my outfit of the eve from last saturday, i went to tigertiger with the girls from work, i wore black shirt from urban outfitters, black skirt from h&M, leopard print belt from topshop, black leather clutch from ollie&nic and black suede shoe boots from Kurt Geiger and my lovely chanel lipstick in allure rouge 65.

 have you got your eye on any new lipsticks?

Friday, 21 October 2011

london's calling

afternoon all,
how is your friday? i get friday's off and am dedicating myself to a day of blogging, photography and eating roast dinner with my nan.
on tuesday the boyf and i are off to london. here are a few snaps from weheartit of london town, i have put these up to get me in the mood for five days of shopping, eating cakes, vintage prowling and tube catching.

i will be back on saturday and by monday hopefully the pictures will be up.
do you know anywhere nice in london for me to visit?
have a great friday,

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

october favourites

hello all,
every month i will be posting a monthly favourites. the things that i oh so wish for and love.
if i ever purchase or receive i will review them haha!
otherwise, they are lovely to look at and lets you lot know a bit more about me.
are any of my october favourites on your wish list?


Monday, 17 October 2011


afternoon all :)
I have had a lovely day and have come home to a very exciting box, my october glossybox.
can't wait to share it with you all, have you received yours yet?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

latest in beauty

afternoon all,
how is your saturday treating you?
i'm full up with a cold and as I anxiously await my glossy box to cheer me up, my latest in beauty £1 box has arrived, which is my first!
for those of you who have not heared of the latest in beauty £1 box it has a similar concept to glossy.
it is a smaller pink box with an instruction leaflet and your 3 chosen samples. on their website there is a section 'monthly boxes' you choose one item from three different categories make-up&fragrances, skin care and hair&body. there are usually 3-5 items to choose from in each category. you must create a beauty profile which is free, unlike glossy box they ask you questions to help create your beauty profile. to pay for the box you type in your mobile number at the checkout and then they send you a confirmation number through a text, once you type that number into the checkout box £1 gets taken from the method you pay your mobile phone bill whether you are on a contract or credit.
from hair&body I chose the burt's bees therapeutic bath crystals, I am so pleased with them, it is a 44g sachet that smells like vix rub and is a prefect amount for a relaxing bath! in my local debenhams 3 of these in a pack cost £5 I would be happy to have paid £1 alone for these.
from skin care I chose the doctor brand blemish relief kit, it is a three step regime - cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. I thought I would receive only of the three steps but to my surprise I received one of each with instructions which is enough for a morning and night application.
from make-up&fragrance I chose lavera summer glow facial moisturizer. I was expecting to receive one sachet but i received 4 which I think is brilliant. 
once I have used all three I will write up a review for you, but overall I am satisfied with the box, you can only order every 30days which is a bit annoying but understandable. with latest in beauty you can order your box when you feel like it and if there are no products there you want to try then you don't have to!
just like glossy box they give you discounts of the products available and allow you to give feedback on each product.
have you had your latest in beauty? 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bargain Boots.

hello all,  i hope you've had a nice winters day.
since pay day I have remained good and haven't spent a penny but as I waited in town for the boyf to finish work I couldn't help but have a wander in Boots. unfortunatley I find it very difficult to restrain myself when amongst all those products and so I spent £13 but managed to get some bargains!
I have been searching for the perfect red lipstick for agesss, I have tried MAC, BarryM, Dior & Chanel to name a few, they haven't been the right shade of red and so the search continued until I noticed natural collection in Boots has an offer '3 for £5' I fancied trying one of their blushers and needed some pressed powder and with their Lipsticks at £1.99 I thought i'd splash out.

I bought Pressed powder in 'Neutral', Moisture shine lipstick in 'Cherry Red' and Blushed cheeks in 'Pink Cloud' all for £5.

I am very pale and so the paler the better for me when it comes to powders which funnily enough are hard to find, this one is very pale and simple and cheap which is great, I prefer a cheap powder unless it's Dior and at £37 I think i'll wait till christmas!
 the moisture shine lipstick is exactly that, so smooth and the perfect post-box red i've hunted for. after a bowl of pasta and a cuppa it was still intact and there was no marks on my mug haha.
the blushed cheeks is smooth to touch, has a creamy texture and creates a dewy look which I love.
thankyou Natural Collection.

after having a cold this week my lips have been really dry and so i decided to purchase a carmex lipbalm, they have a new lipbalm out in three shades, peach, pink and clear. they have vitamin e & aloe and a very handy slanted tip to ensure perfect application. the peach one took my fancy, it's really smooth and the peachy tint is really warming and subtle, great smell too.

I also was in need of a comb to backcomb my locks, I used to use a normal small tooth comb but heard that a comb with stiff nylon bristles is better for hair and creates a volumised look without over working the hair and so I bought a neon purple one so that I can find it in my busy handbag.

I will post a picture soon wearing my lovely new products, for now check them out below.
have you bought any of the above? let me know :)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Blog, dayone.

Hello all,
it is the evening and I am busy watching xfactor. are you? interesting fashions and make up styles on this year!
my bedroom is in serious need of a tidy but I get way too distracted. mother is also nagging me for a cuppa, better get on with it.
I would just like to highlight something quickly, I have been thinking about blogging for about a year now, keeping up with and reading many others I just want to say a quick thanks to Zoella, Sara Walker, Kate at DollyBowBow and IcleLivzi for so much inspiration over the past few months.
you lot have kept me sane & inspired!