Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary WK4

my bestest Rachel and me last night on a work night out :)
001. This week has flown by I can't remember Monday or the rest of the week for that matter! I had a filling on Wednesday it hurt so bad :( I've also worked more than usual this week

002. I've been getting through my sex and the city box set nicely recently, having slumber day a plenty, seeing the years go by for the foursome and the fashions change over the years is really inspiring and it's nice to watch something so relatable. I think TV has slightly lost sense of that recently.

003. I have stocked up on magazines this week and have had a good read and grip on reality and upcoming s/s fashions! I went to h&m on payday and purchased my first summer piece which will go toward my s/s12 capsule wardrobe nicely. It's a really lightweight denim dress, it is a-line and strappy to cute for the (hopefully) warm summer months to come and it was £9 in the sale. I also purchased some legging-ish trousers with sweet little zips on the ankles. Great with heels for a night out or flats and a denim jacket for a day of shopping.

004. I really have no clue where my precious valentines special glossy box has got to. I am terribly saddened by this, I will be contacting my local post office tomorrow to discover its whereabouts.

I hope you have had a good week,

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

would you really rush out for me now?

goodnight all,
just a quick note before i fall into a dream, here is one of my favourite musicians Jose Vanders, i discovered her lovely sweet voice and humorous lyrics back when i was 14 in the days of myspace she was a hit amongst my peers. she is a talent that slipped my mind over the past few years. her catchy song 'faces going places' popped into my head whilst looking for my latest nails inc polish. when searching for her on youtube i came across her and the amazing luke leighfield performing a beautiful cover of bon iver's 'blindsided'. take a listen to her amazing voice and her blood orange dress is well on trend for S/S12. could it get any better?!

do you love Jose Vanders?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Rouge Allure

Hello lovelies,
Here is my review of the Chanel 'Rouge Allure' lipstick in shade '65 - Insolente'.
It has a lovely moisturising formula and is opaque with one swipe of the lips, it is a lovely fuchsia pink with blue undertones. if you are purchasing it online be aware that the swatch comes across as a pale milky pink although swatches can't always be correct and rarely ever are.
the packaging of the lipstick is sturdy and has the usual black acrylic casing, the 'rouge allure' range has a popper feature, pictured above is the gold Chanel logo, you push this down to reveal the gold metal encasing the fuchsia lipstick.
i am terribly sorry about the quality of the pictures, hopefully they will improve with practise.
featured in the pictures i am wearing my beloved nails inc polish in 'st james'
Chanel allure rouge lipstick £26, Nails inc polish £11 both debenhams.
Have you purchased either of the above?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary WK3

saturday morning face with my beautiful Dior Addict 'rouge podium' lipstick in '773'

001. My week has been, so so. With exams finally over I thought I'd have time to relax but with other members of management off at work I was roped in for some extra shifts to cover them.

002. I do not get on with the iPad at all as I tap my fingers on it's screen I resent the clicking noise it makes, I can not upload pictures to blogger when I use it and transferring files has become somewhat of a nightmare.

003. I have been anxiously waiting at my letter box every morning this week awaiting Januarys valentines special glossy box, it is taking forever, I am aware of the late warning of the box from the glossy girls but i want it now! It has been dubbed 'worth the wait' which has made me even more anxious.

004. I have some lush cosmetics to review and a few MUA products also. These will be up on Tuesday. I am also going to sort out the ongoing issues with my PayPal account so that I can purchase a few lust after goods from eBay and also a fabulous cosmetics website 'the cosmetic house'

I will upload my Sunday Sumary picture later today or tomorrow, damn iPad!
I hope you have loved your Sunday.

Monday, 16 January 2012

SundaySummary WK2

christmas morning champagne

001. This week has been hec-tic, I've had exams, lectures and I've been busy at work as well. I even managed to squeeze in the time to bake a pie with the boyf and his brother yesterday and make pecan pie on my own for after our little dinner party today. It was lushes!

002. Next week will probably be just as hectic, the same schedule as last week applies plus an exam on Friday! I will definitely be in need of a cosmetic shopping trip on Saturday especially considering pay day is finally just around the corner, pheww!

003. I have been bathing lots trying out my 'think pink' lush hat box that I had for Christmas off the boyf, everything is so lovely and snow fairy-esque, delicious, hah. I'm also loving my black(white)berry, we're getting along just fine, apart from it's questionable battery life.

004. Excuse the non picture post today, I'm using the iPad to type this up and haven't got all my blog related files stored on it yet so it will resume picture less until tomorrow when I get the chance to dig out the old laptop and find a decent one for you!

005. Cosmetic reviewing will go back to normal as off the 21st once my exam is out of the way I have a whole load of NOTD to show and a pile of 'to review' items just waiting for some attention.

I hope you've had a wonderful Sunday,

Sunday, 8 January 2012

birthday part one

just a quick post about a birthday i celebrated a few days before christmas, the other half of this post will be up soon once the mystery loss of my camera charger is solved!
and so, the famous barbie dress never made it, but this lovely had to do! the pink is the shade i was always looking for and the gold embroidery made it an autumnal piece which i can wear again.
i will wear with a chunky knit cardigan, warm leggings, boots with a pair of lovely winter cosy socks on show!
won't be long until the rest are up with a full post of my gifts, the actual day, my night of celebrations and other snippets.
have you celebrated your birthday recently?

SundaySummary WK1

 My lovelies,

001. i hope you're all doing well! it has been a longggg 12 days with no post, i do apologise as in my last post i said i wouldn't be long. the charger for my camera has gone walkies and i have been super busy with work and exams :( boohoo.

002. for christmas i recieved a fantastic present off the boyf, the think pink hat box from LUSH i will be photographing every product i use from the box and inform you of my verdict in due cause!

003. i got my new black(white)berry yesterday, i love it and the camera is fantastic therefore i will be using it for the next load of photographs and reviews to speed up the process!

004. my dior addict lipstick in 773 rouge podium has worked a treat this week on my january blues, i will review soon.

005. two exams in the next two weeks and will therefore be studying hard (trying to) my university application has been sent off and i have luckily had a few e-mails back informing me that they are considering my application, phew!

006. just a quick FOTD featuring the wonderful ever famous topshop 'pillow talk' lisptick, i have been in work all day and quickly got ready for the boyfs brothers birthday meal.

have you had a busy week and a lovely sunday?