Saturday, 26 November 2011

asos.asos.asos. OH YEAH!

hello all,
it's only been around 30mins since the last post on exactly the same topic BUT i would just like to inform you all due to my birthday celebrations and the 25% off asos party wear i could not resist but purchase a few eyelure, paul&joe, barry m and girls aloud eyelure products - i was ment to be re-purchasing a jumper for the boyfs birthday but as usual i got carried away by the sparkle in the lipstick and the gloss in the polish!


in total my purchases should have come to £30 but instead £22, with a paul&joe item in there i thought it was a steal. i find shopping for cosmetics online a little better for my bank balance, when in boots, superdrug, debenhams etc i find myself (gently) throwing anything into my shopping basket as i get too excited and feel a million dollars before i've even spent a million dollars!!
shopping for cosmetics online allows me to see the cost i am accumulating and also allows me to see an itemisation of the products i am purchasing, this way i can see if i need all the items! the negative of purchasing cosmetics online - the colours, often i find it frustrating as the swabs and tester colours available are not always a true representation of the actual colour - it comes in handy at this point if you know the colour or product number/name well enough to ensure that it is the correct product for you.

the day my wonderful pink filled package arrives from ASOS i will be sure to take splendid photographs of them in the box, on my face and on my birthday for you all to see!
the 25% off beauty products at asos also contains the barry m lipstick in 'marshmallow' that Liv Jordan over at iclelivzi loves, this lipstick is usually out of stock on most websites and boots and superdrugs that i visit regularly, they also have three brand new barry m shades available included in the 25% off!

-marshmallow & dolly pink
will you be taking advantage of the 25% off asos over the weekend?