Thursday, 26 July 2012

Polyvore Favourites.

Hello Beauties,
 I am very aware that it is 27degrees and boiling outside here in Wales although when creating what was meant to be my 'summer wishlist for payday on Polyvore, I could not help but lust over these secret wedge hightops from River Ssland. I then found a beautiful maxi waterfall hem skirt and found a great kitsch moustache printed drop arm vest top to go with them.
I then thought to heck with it, my 'summer wishlist for payday' has gone down the pan. 
And so I just carried on with what I am inappropriately loving at the moment, so I threw some red lippy and nails in to the mix.
I have accidentally created myself a classic, autumnal yet designer outfit not at all fit for this weeks weather. Typical when the sun comes shinning!

I am absolutely loving leather jackets and the leather YSL Clutch range at the moment! 
I obviously can not wait to embrace the winter months!
My 'summer wishlist for payday' is not far behind, I just have to put the red and black aside for a moment ......

Not such a summer's day


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Collection, Way to Glow.

Hello Beauties,
I have been on the look out for a new bronzer for a while. After my Dior skin colour and glow bronzer came to its last legs and with the price far to high to justify I have resulted to searching for a drugstore alternative. After purchasing many bronzers from various brands I think I have found a suitable alternative for my beloved Dior colour and glow, at a mere fraction of the price. 
The Bronzer comes in a quad style pallet, the four colours range from warm to cool. The top left is an off white shade with lilac undertones, i use this to cancel out over bronzed errors and highlight my cheek and brow bone. The top right is an olive based brown shade with green and golden flecks. I use this as the main shade on the apple of the cheeks, this shade can also be used to create a neutral smokey eye along with the off white shade as a base. The bottom left is a warm terracotta with golden flecks, I use this to contour (with a light hand). The bottom right shade is my most used shade which i use to highlight the apples of my cheeks and below the brow bone.

 Collection Way to Glow pallette can be purchased here for £4.19 or from your local Boots store. 
All four colours complement each other and work well with one another. I have repurchased the pallet and I am currently on the look out for the blush version!
Here is 'Way to Glow' by newly re-branded Collection, applied before a night out on the tiles with my lovely ladies and I can vouch that it lasted all night long and provided me with a lovely way to glow!
Have you tried Collection bronzer and blushers before?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Who needs Nikes or Keds? Wearing your All Stars, you'll turn all heads

Hello Beauties, 
With the strange rainy weather in the UK drowning out our summer, flip flops and sandals seem to be a no go area. With the sun hiding behind the clouds and the downfalls hitting us out of no where, I never know whether I am coming or going when it comes to what to wear on my feet. I joined the Vans bandwagon along time ago. I own a few pairs however, all of mine are dark colours and I feel they are a bit heavy for "summer" and so I decided to buy a pair of Converse in white. 
They are my best purchase of the summer, they go with everything. They cover my feet come rain or shine. I have been teaming them with floral dresses and cardigans, leggings and shirts or oversized jumpers and jeans. They add 'cool' to any outfit and I love them.

What have you been wearing on your feet this Summer?

Friday, 20 July 2012

Current Beauty Storage

Hello Beauties,
I am currently in a rather awkward living situation which I shall not divulge into, although it leaves me in rather a predicament when it comes to my beauty products and how I store them. As I currently do not have much space for such items I have had to put away and condense my beauty items.
I have arranged my most used and needed beauty products into categories such as: tanning products, Makeup, nail varnishes, face, hair and body.
I was searching the web for storage boxes and after many hours of frustration i turned to tidying my room, I then found all of my empty glossy boxes and wondered if I could find a use for them, to my surprise the storage boxes were staring me right in the face. I used six of my glossy boxes with the lids put on the bottom (to make them more sturdy).

How do you store your beauty products? Do you have a great use for empty GlossyBoxes?