Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pink on the Lips of your Lover

Hello Beautiful Beauties, I hope you're all Blooming well.
Today I have got a beautiful new collection to share with you.
No.7 for Boots have launched a lovely spring collection to get you in the mood for the warmer months to come. They have named it 'Vital Brights'.
Very apt if you ask me, bright colours are really what I am after to ready me for spring and summer.

The packaging of the whole range is beautiful and has 'Vital Brights' written all over it, the flowers which adorn the paper and plastic packaging are just so pretty and so spring!
The colours chosen for the pretty flowers are perfect for spring 
(not too coral and not too pink, for me that would border more on a summer collection)

The box has a handy little sticker on the top lid with the name of the product with it's colour co-ordinating background. Very handy for if you wanted to store it in it's box standing side by side like alot of people do with their beauty products.

 The product that draw me in the most was one of the two lipsticks in this collection, 
springly named 'Blooming Pink'
I love the packaging of the lipstick, a sturdy white squared plastic casing.
It stands out so well in my handbag, makeup bag and storage box amongst my other lipsticks.


To me the gold casing that is revealed when removal of the lid makes it classy,
and the white outer casing makes it feel timeless.
The lipstick itself is a stong mid pink. 
It leans lilac in bullet form and has a clear blue undertone.

I feel that the lipstick translates more as a gloss on the lips rather than a lipstick,
however you can build it up to an opaque finish with two or three swipes if you wish to have a bolder shade appearance.
Blooming Pink once applied leaves a sheer pink gloss to the lips and has a slight vanilla scent which is almost undecetable once applied.

Here I am sporting 'Blooming Pink' on a lovely warm spring day yesterday :)
you can purchase this beautiful shade along with the second shade 'Blossoming Pink' and the rest of the spring range at a Boots store or online at Boots
(unfortunatley online they have the shades mixed up?!)
The lipstick retails at £10, at the moment there are lots of £5 off vouchers floating around for No.7 so if you have one of those this lipstick will be a mere £5!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pink About It...

Hello lovely beauties,
this week I have discovered Revlon Matte Lipsticks, and I am loving them.
I have purchased two this week and am planning on a few more shades to add to my collection.

With all Revlon packaging it is sleek and sturdy. 
To me Revlon as a brand sits comfortably between drugstore and high end. 
The plastic and the metal packaging of the lipstick is matte just like the formula of Pink About it.

The lipstick is sweetly named 'Pink About It'
 I am definitely one of those people who allow the name of the shade to do some talking! 
Sometimes this is a negative in my buying regime (somtimes a name can put me off) which sometimes enables me in missing out on a fabulous shade.
It is nice to have a colour co-ordinating sticker on the bottom of the lipstick to help put a shade to a name.

The great thing about the packaging of these Revlon Lipsticks is the little window at the top of the outer case, this allows you to see the shade housed inside at a glance without having to memorise all the names of your lippies or go through them all!

I would not name Pink About It a pink nor a coral in particular although it leans more pink and has a yellow undertone, it is a beautiful shade and if you are fed up of the pinks you own or if you are not feeling brave enough to embrace a red shade then this could be for you.
It has quickly become my go to shade, subtle enough for day time and intersting enough for night time

If your lips are not in tip top condition the matte formula can sometimes be drying. In this case I would recommend a slick of balm plus blotted lips before application. If it is just the colour pay off you are after and not the matte finish then a slick of gloss on top is always lovely and moisturising.

Unfortunatley Revlon have discontinued this shade which I am slightly confused about, considering it is so extremely beautiful and a brilliant universal shade.
I just LOVE it, shame on you Revlon!!! 
However, this shade is super easy to pick up on ebay.
I recieved it extremely quickly and efficently from this seller on ebay -link 
(for a mere £3.50 incuding P&P)

Have you tried Pink About It? 
Any other shades you can recommend?

I will always remember our summer in Hawaii

Morning Beauties, 
My loving for Yankee Candle is as strong as ever, although on a recent visit to my local Yankee Candle store i was left feeling highly disappointed of the aspect that the UK does not sell any coconut variety at all of a Yankee Candle and boy was I shocked!
To me coconut, vanilla and lemon are three universal and loved scents, all are fresh and neutral. Lemon and Vanilla exist but Coconut does not. 
However Coconut car freshners are readily available in the UK and room freshners alike, but the scent in candle form is really what i am after.

I decided that just this once I would have to betray my local Yankee store and visit Ebay for a taster of Coconut bay.
It cost me £2.30 (P&P included) -Link and was shipped promptly after payment, it was also giftwrapped free of charge in pink tissue paper, a lovely touch. 
I could smell the Coconut as soon as the postman handed it to me.

As soon as I got my candle I ripped the envelope open in excitment, quickly admired the pretty packaging, took some photos of it with it's label and excitedly popped it into a Tea Cup to light!
This is my favourite way to house a Yankee Candle.

Tea cups just happen to be the perfect height to house these yummy candles.
Popping them in a Tea Cup also looks beautiful on my dressing table.
 They are also easy to move if you wanted to carry them into your bathroom etc, the handle minimizes burning just like hot tea haha. 
I picked this Tea Cup up from a local charity shop for around 50p plus a saucer that i use for storing my rings and other jewellery.

Do you have a favourite Yankee Candle or a way to house them?
Any USA scents I should try?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Head Over Heels....

Hello Beauties,
I am in fact Head Over Heels for my new shoes :)
These shoes are from Dune and are from their 'Head Over Heels' range which can be purchased at Debenhams and House of fraser, unfortunately not all Dune Solus stores stock this brand.
I had them bought for me as a gift, they were my 20th birthday shoes :) they are a size three and a tad too big for my questionably small feet although this does tend to happen considering the nature of suede shoes (always a little loser and more giving than leather or patent!)

They are a black suede peep toe with a patent stiletto and platform. They have a cute gold, pewter and black suede bow for detail. They are fairly comfortable (to an extent of course!) due to the gel padding inside the inner soles of the shoes.

They RRP at £65 but have come down to £32 in the Mid Season Sale, I just love a bargain, and they are a great price for such a well made shoe. They are also available in leopard print for £65.

Have you fallen Head Over Heels for shoes recently?

Blue Violet Dream

Hello lovelies,
Recently I have needed a little pick me up from the cold months we have had, and this has come perfectly in the form of So laque from Bourjois in shade 'Bleu Violet' combined with Accesorize 3D polish in 'Dream' as an accent nail to create a beautiful NOTD combination.
The so laque come in an aray of colours to suit all, it is a beautiful dark blue almost inky and has a hint of purple, it is a deep shade that dries to a glossy finish. It applies well with two coats making it opaque with an average drying time.
To be completely honest I have no clue why Accesorize have claimed this polish as '3D' there is nothing 3D about it, it just a general blue and purple glitter polish, it also has a hint of teal. It is a lovely shade and glistens different tones in different lights. With all glitter polishes it is fairly quick to dry and impossible to remove.

Have you tried any 3D polishes from Accesorize and had better luck?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunday Summary WK8, it's Thursday.

Belle, Au natural (aka, no lipstick!)

001. I'm sorry it's been so long, i have finally got a new laptop and am able to blog all i like now, hallelujah! This is my first post on my laptop. It's lovely and shiny and new, it is a Samsung and i must say I know absolutely NOTHING about technology but I'm loving it :)

002. I've been on a Home Bargain shopping spree, and as strange as that sounds I bought some great goodies, which are in a newly organised drawer in a review section!

003. I have been testing out the world of Ebay for new lipsticks, I will review the lipsticks I bought once some sunlight hits us so that I can take some half decent photographs for you all to see, I am just dying to test them out.

004. I have recently purchased a new MUA product and a new N0.7 product so keep your eyes peeled for those posts.

005. Sadly the followers that  I have through Google Friend Connect that does not have a blog themselves will unfortunately be unable to follow my blog through blogger anymore, I am terribly sad about this as I will loose some fabulous readers, if you love belles beauty blog then please head over to bloglovin through clicking the button at the right hand side of my blog.

006. I can't wait for the week ahead, with these past few days seeing the beginning of spring, I just hope it stays!

I hope you've had a good week, sorry my Sunday Summary is 4 days late!