Saturday, 10 December 2011


goodnight lovelies,
i would just like to inform you all that my favourite high street brand MaxFactor have released their christmas gift, and when you spend £15 or more you two can own their lovely lilac and black tin filled with lovely goodies to create an on trend twist of the french manicure, smokey eyes and bubbly lipsmaking lips!
contained in the tin are:
'nailfinity nail polishes' in 'onyx' - an always needed black and 'boji' onyx is a lilac-nude.
'masterpiece max mascara' in black, which is a mini and is always handy for your going away bag!
'vibrant curve effect lipgloss' in bubbly is also a mini and has small sparkly glitter paritcles in it, it smells like watermelon crossed with bubblegum and isn't sticky at all.
'mini kohl pencil' in black, which is a mini also great for you going away bag and creates a perfect smokey eye teamed with the 'masterpiece max mascara'.

today i purchased my Holy Grail mascara, 'MaxFactor - masterpiece MAX' in black.
they say - Mascara that gives you the smoothest, sleekest high volume lashes for the most beautiful, big and bold impact.
it really does separate each lash and is one of the only mascara's that i feel truly satisfied after application without and falsies present.

i also purchased 'MaxFactor - miracle touch foundation' in creamy ivory.
they say - Max Factor's newest and most innovative foundation will revolutionise the way you apply your base.
i have never used this foundation before, i have heard only good things about it and considering i have been using 'MaxFactor - lasting performance foundation' for around three years now i feel as though i should get on with 'miracle touch' just fine.
i will do a related post on the two items letting you know my feelings on the untired and untested foundation and a little picture of my lashes after using the mascara.

i will also do a post on the little tin once i have opened and tried it, i will create a look and a nail for you all to hopefully re-create with your free tin from 'MaxFactor'.

will you be purchasing two products from maxfactor to receive their spangly christmas gift?

my face.

hello my lovely beauties,
i would just like to pledge an almighty thankyou to the wonderful people at GlossyBox for rescuing my face throughout these chilly months, the only reason why it has survived is due to two products featured in my october and november GlossyBox, here they are;
'Dermalogica age smart, multivitamin thermafoliant' has now become my HOLY GRAIL exfoliator and i would gladly shout it from the rooftops! rubbed into dry skin using circular motions allows the exfoliator to self heat and creates a tingle on the skin, the small sandy particles heat and exfoliate the skin, the licorice root extract, rosa flower oil and the clove leaf oil, in the exfoliator leaves the skin feeling silky. and boy oh boy do i just love it.  thankyou dermalogica!

at Dermalogica they say -A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants to refine skin texture and enhance penetration of age-fighting actives into skin, while advanced technology ingredients condition and treat the skin. Contains no artificial fragrance or color. 

admittedly i am only 19 and do not have particularly 'old' skin that needs age-fighting products but you might as well start early, hopefully i will reap the benefits by the age of 50 and will hopefully look around 25 haha. can't we all wish.

ingredients that stand out for me are; Hydrolyzed Opuntia Ficus Indica Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Soybean Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Lemon Peel Extract, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosa Flower Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Rosewood Wood Oil. - £26

'MONU' have an amazing 'soothing touch recovery balm' which really is soothing and does recover the face with the help of a little balm. after exfoliating with the dermalogica multivitamin thermafoliant rinse your face with warm water and pat dry, again in circular and upward motions apply the balm. the balm is cooling and soothing and leaves your skin feeling so soft and so silky and so clean and fresh, i could not dream of a better product, the product is great used as a primer and also as a general moisturiser. 

at MONU they say - Skin is soothed and skin reactions are subdued. The natural barrier and lipid content of the skin is improved. Skin is naturally protected.Suitable to calm environmental or elemental damage and invasive dermatological procedures.

once again this product helps prevent premature ageing through the help of plant flavonoids which i again i do hope i will one day reap the benefits of all this early age preventing skin care. it is supposed to provide immediate relief and is suitable for all skin types even sensitive or stressed, yippee! there are those all important and famous peptides present to deal with irritation and inflammation. the balm contains shea butter, sodium hyaluronate which helps the barrier function and evening and primrose and blackcurrant oil which repairs important skin lipids.

ingredients that stand out for me are; bergamot essential oil, blackcurrant seed oil, evening primrose oil, plant falvonoids, rose essential oil, she butter and hyaluronic acid. 
the monu website is also extremely helpful, each ingredient is explained where it's from and why it's used. 

and so here it is my oh so greatful thankyouuuuuuu DERMALOGICA and MONU for leaving me with silky smooth and exceptionaly great smelling skin.

and so my lovely lucky readers who subscribe to glossybox have received both these products and if you have not tried and tested them then please do, and if you have and you dislike them then let me know and i will be gladly happy to do a swap with you, just comment below :)
have you tired and tested these beauties?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie.


Barbie, Barbie, Barbie! soon my birthday will come and then i will shut up about Barbie for 5 seconds and you can all give your ears a rest but until then. Barbie, Barbie, Barbie!!!!i have found my perfect dream dress as you are all already aware i am sure from previous posts, and i just thought i'd pop a little polyvore set together just to basically promote the concept of polyvore but to also show off my barbie birthday wishlist.
also a really important promotion are the shoes in the top right corner, they can be purchased from dune they are £90 and £50 of that goes to teenage cancer trust, which is a fantastic charity, it is such a generous donation unlike many other products available where only a few pence are actually donated, so please if you're looking for a sparkly, barbie pink, princess shoe then get these as they are beautiful and the money goes to a fantastic cause, the picture does not do it justice so pop over to the dune website (linked above) or type 'dune the sparkling shoe' into google images and there it will appear :)
hope you've all had a lovely weekend, back to reality tomorrow as the hard work continues until the christmas break ahead arrives!

i'm the kind of girl that likes to dream a lot, dream a lot. lose myself staring into my coffee cup.

afternoon everyone,
i hope you're all happy and well and hopefully enjoying the christmas cheer. i've been putting a christmas and birthday list together because when the phone rings and a family member on the other end asks that annual question 'what would you like for your christmas and birthday?' to be honest i never know what to say and then you never receive what you would use and love, which is always a shame - if you'd only made a list!
i do a bit of driving around and so i thought a few cd's for my car would be handy and a few books to read is always nice. i popped over to vevo to have a look at who has albums out for christmas and came across nicola roberts, now we all know about dainty doll which is fabulous and also 'beat of my drum' which is a song you can't help but love - i listened to the playlist of her new album 'cinederlla's eyes' and have found my new girl crush, she is lovely like a porcelain dolly, beautiful and ever so down to earth, her voice is unique and quirky - something i wouldn't quiet have expected from a member of girls aloud. and so after all, i have popped 'cinderella's eyes' onto my christmas wish list!

after listening to the album two songs really stand out, 'sticks and stones' which is a message to all those bullies out there and how to overcome that hurt, the song seems like an amazing personal breakthrough for nicola and she sheds a tear at the end of the acoustic version video. the second song is 'yo-yo' the video is inspiring and contains a very talented yo-yo-er! the outfit changes are incredible and the set up is like a trailer to a film you would definitely want to see if you're a lover of chick flicks. below is the video of 'yo-yo' and linked above is the video for sticks and stones.

I'm the kind of girl that likes to dream a lot, dream a lot
Lose myself staring into my coffee cup coffee cup
You and me easy to see
Why is it a complicated reality?

All these other girls they say you're full of it
And talking shit
I know what the deal is, I can handle it, handle it
You come around, stop messing around
If you wanna be my baby please tell me now

Don't want to be the last to know oh oh oh
Will it be a yes or no oh oh oh?
You're swingin' me up
You're swingin' me down
I feel like a yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo

i hope you all carry on to enjoy our december weather and the prep before christmas week, is your christmas list complete?

Saturday, 3 December 2011

the perfect dream

afternoon all,
i hope everyone is well, i'm one follower away from 30 followers and i am delighted and can't actually believe it. thank you so much. when i get to 50 there will be a special giveaway! i already have half of it sorted and have something fantastic in mind.
as you're all aware by now i am looking for a perfect pink, sparkly, lovely, barbie beautiful party frock, and the perfect one of my dreams is unfortunately SOLD OUT everywhere i look on line and it is no where to be seen on EBAY, i am devastated! and so, as i have to let the dream disappear i thought i'd show you the dress of my dreams.
it looks far more amazing and pink in real life, the silver mirrored beads are bright and catch the light it feels amazing on. i am 100% positive that this would be the dress that barbie would actually choose to wear for her birthday party! forever unique have an extremely  similar one but unfortunately is out of my reach due to the price. the wire at the bottom makes the dress puff out and to twirl in it is a complete dream! unfortunately this baby will never be mine and so i must move on :( the search continues, and so please my lovely Belle's Beauties, keep your eyes on the look out for this beauty.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

busy wednesday

evening all,
i have had an extremely busy wednesday. i have been ill, worked and helped my mum set up an arts fair she is featured in this weekend. we have been busy making and so on, tomorrow is the day of setting up and so panic has struck! i'm just writing mainly because i've been to lush and have loads to review, lush, lush, LUSH. my party wear arrived from asos. over all i am satisfied, fast delivery as usual, great price, 25% of - not much i can complain about - apart from i ordered a paul&joe nail polish, finalllyyyyy, in 'framboise' it was the perfect dolly pink to match my new dolly pink barry m lipstick which also arrived from asos. the pair together would have been the ultimate barbie pink duo for my birthday, but shame, they sent me a mid hue purple which i would possibly recommend for a grandma? never mind i will send it back and hopefully receive the fabulous 'framboise' in time for my barbie birthday bash!

i have been wearing my lovely black pleated skirt shirt dress (above) from asos which came in my parcel, i will do a OOTD soon and also a review on all of the above,
i have also been wearing MUA lipstick today in red shade 1, applied at 4pm and at 8pm when i looked in the mirror it was pretty intact! very impressive for £1.

have you had a busy day?