Saturday, 2 June 2012

I will lie and I will say, it’s just an ordinary day at the end of may.

Hello Beauties,
I am happy to accept the award of worst blogger in the world as I have not been around for a month and the last post was in fact April's instagram post! Exam period has well and truly taken over my life and they don't end until june 19th. Ihave kept up to date daily with my favourite blogs but have managed to disregard my own.

instagram #2
mummy and me, belle in my old room, lovely messy hair, the boyf and i at barry island, bath bombs at bristol, my outfit for saturday night, chanel nail polish -such a beauty, me and the bestie rachel on a night out, new jeans and the watch of my dreams, kiera and my 'way to glow' collection bronzed face!, new pink blazer, nike pink suede blazers.




  1. Hey, Love your blog!

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    Emilie xox

  2. Great post! You have such a nice blog :D


    I'd love to follow you if you could do the same for me <3