Friday, 20 July 2012

Current Beauty Storage

Hello Beauties,
I am currently in a rather awkward living situation which I shall not divulge into, although it leaves me in rather a predicament when it comes to my beauty products and how I store them. As I currently do not have much space for such items I have had to put away and condense my beauty items.
I have arranged my most used and needed beauty products into categories such as: tanning products, Makeup, nail varnishes, face, hair and body.
I was searching the web for storage boxes and after many hours of frustration i turned to tidying my room, I then found all of my empty glossy boxes and wondered if I could find a use for them, to my surprise the storage boxes were staring me right in the face. I used six of my glossy boxes with the lids put on the bottom (to make them more sturdy).

How do you store your beauty products? Do you have a great use for empty GlossyBoxes?


  1. I actually have a travel makeup case which I used to store all of my makeup, but have a habit of putting new or unused bits of makeup in old Glossyboxes :)


  2. In pound land at the moment, they are selling the perfect draws for make up storage in different colours that are stackable and only £1! Really recommend you checking them out!

  3. I use my Glossyboxes too at the moment but but them in my drawers to separate everything... need to get some proper storage though and may head to Poundland to check some out! :) x