Sunday, 20 November 2011

move dust through the light to find your name, it's only faint.

evening my lovely lovelies, how are you all?
i have had a busy few days working and studying like a crazy person and i have also gone into panic mode in the last 50minutes - it is the boyfs birthday in 9days and shopping for it is well overdue. my birthday is also round the corner and i have my theme and night out ready all that's left is the dress and shoes. i have decided on a barbie theme. everything pink - naturally. Cupcakes, sweets, pink champagne and pink lipstick all round. what a dream come true. and so a pink dress is in order. i am searching high and low for the most PERFECT pink, puffy, sparkley barbie birthday frock!
have you any ideas for me?
while you're thinking have a listen to this lovely one from bon iver,

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