Tuesday, 6 December 2011

i'm the kind of girl that likes to dream a lot, dream a lot. lose myself staring into my coffee cup.

afternoon everyone,
i hope you're all happy and well and hopefully enjoying the christmas cheer. i've been putting a christmas and birthday list together because when the phone rings and a family member on the other end asks that annual question 'what would you like for your christmas and birthday?' to be honest i never know what to say and then you never receive what you would use and love, which is always a shame - if you'd only made a list!
i do a bit of driving around and so i thought a few cd's for my car would be handy and a few books to read is always nice. i popped over to vevo to have a look at who has albums out for christmas and came across nicola roberts, now we all know about dainty doll which is fabulous and also 'beat of my drum' which is a song you can't help but love - i listened to the playlist of her new album 'cinederlla's eyes' and have found my new girl crush, she is lovely like a porcelain dolly, beautiful and ever so down to earth, her voice is unique and quirky - something i wouldn't quiet have expected from a member of girls aloud. and so after all, i have popped 'cinderella's eyes' onto my christmas wish list!

after listening to the album two songs really stand out, 'sticks and stones' which is a message to all those bullies out there and how to overcome that hurt, the song seems like an amazing personal breakthrough for nicola and she sheds a tear at the end of the acoustic version video. the second song is 'yo-yo' the video is inspiring and contains a very talented yo-yo-er! the outfit changes are incredible and the set up is like a trailer to a film you would definitely want to see if you're a lover of chick flicks. below is the video of 'yo-yo' and linked above is the video for sticks and stones.

I'm the kind of girl that likes to dream a lot, dream a lot
Lose myself staring into my coffee cup coffee cup
You and me easy to see
Why is it a complicated reality?

All these other girls they say you're full of it
And talking shit
I know what the deal is, I can handle it, handle it
You come around, stop messing around
If you wanna be my baby please tell me now

Don't want to be the last to know oh oh oh
Will it be a yes or no oh oh oh?
You're swingin' me up
You're swingin' me down
I feel like a yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo

i hope you all carry on to enjoy our december weather and the prep before christmas week, is your christmas list complete?

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