Saturday, 3 December 2011

the perfect dream

afternoon all,
i hope everyone is well, i'm one follower away from 30 followers and i am delighted and can't actually believe it. thank you so much. when i get to 50 there will be a special giveaway! i already have half of it sorted and have something fantastic in mind.
as you're all aware by now i am looking for a perfect pink, sparkly, lovely, barbie beautiful party frock, and the perfect one of my dreams is unfortunately SOLD OUT everywhere i look on line and it is no where to be seen on EBAY, i am devastated! and so, as i have to let the dream disappear i thought i'd show you the dress of my dreams.
it looks far more amazing and pink in real life, the silver mirrored beads are bright and catch the light it feels amazing on. i am 100% positive that this would be the dress that barbie would actually choose to wear for her birthday party! forever unique have an extremely  similar one but unfortunately is out of my reach due to the price. the wire at the bottom makes the dress puff out and to twirl in it is a complete dream! unfortunately this baby will never be mine and so i must move on :( the search continues, and so please my lovely Belle's Beauties, keep your eyes on the look out for this beauty.

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