Saturday, 10 December 2011


goodnight lovelies,
i would just like to inform you all that my favourite high street brand MaxFactor have released their christmas gift, and when you spend £15 or more you two can own their lovely lilac and black tin filled with lovely goodies to create an on trend twist of the french manicure, smokey eyes and bubbly lipsmaking lips!
contained in the tin are:
'nailfinity nail polishes' in 'onyx' - an always needed black and 'boji' onyx is a lilac-nude.
'masterpiece max mascara' in black, which is a mini and is always handy for your going away bag!
'vibrant curve effect lipgloss' in bubbly is also a mini and has small sparkly glitter paritcles in it, it smells like watermelon crossed with bubblegum and isn't sticky at all.
'mini kohl pencil' in black, which is a mini also great for you going away bag and creates a perfect smokey eye teamed with the 'masterpiece max mascara'.

today i purchased my Holy Grail mascara, 'MaxFactor - masterpiece MAX' in black.
they say - Mascara that gives you the smoothest, sleekest high volume lashes for the most beautiful, big and bold impact.
it really does separate each lash and is one of the only mascara's that i feel truly satisfied after application without and falsies present.

i also purchased 'MaxFactor - miracle touch foundation' in creamy ivory.
they say - Max Factor's newest and most innovative foundation will revolutionise the way you apply your base.
i have never used this foundation before, i have heard only good things about it and considering i have been using 'MaxFactor - lasting performance foundation' for around three years now i feel as though i should get on with 'miracle touch' just fine.
i will do a related post on the two items letting you know my feelings on the untired and untested foundation and a little picture of my lashes after using the mascara.

i will also do a post on the little tin once i have opened and tried it, i will create a look and a nail for you all to hopefully re-create with your free tin from 'MaxFactor'.

will you be purchasing two products from maxfactor to receive their spangly christmas gift?

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