Monday, 6 February 2012

Sunday Summary WK5 (posted on a monday)

me and my brother Felix yesterday morning getting ready for our walk in the snow :)

001. i can't believe it is Sunday already and no post have been posted since. Sincere apologies to my lovely readers. i could not even bare to look at my ipad yesterday  let alone touch it, i know this is probably seen as ungrateful but it just doesn't work the way i want it too, i am a technology phobe and a laptop is much more suited to my liking. do not despair the boyf loves the ipad and it now has a lovely home. haha.

002. this week has been an average one although i have fallen head over heels for the new cream puff lip creams from 'Collection 2000' i purchased the shades 'Creme Puff' and 'Cotton Candy' more to come on 'Creme Puff' but 'Cotton Candy' is a beautiful shade. it is a mix between my beloved dior addict lipsticks in 'show, 778' and 'rouge podium, 773' and is the perfect shade. this has made me very happy this week.

003. i have spent all week testing out my valentines glossy box which has graced the blogsphere highly this week, I'm loving it and hatin' it. very mixed views on this months box i must say.

004. i also received a box from latest in beauty, i haven't seen many of these in the blog world this may be due to the packaging and presentation of the box and the products although it is great value and delivers fantastic products to try. more on this later!


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