Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday Summary WK6

myself yesterday morning in my lovely 'maternity' jumper from topshop sporting the lovely '17 hot flash' lipstick.

001. I am aware that it is in fact Monday. Although it feels like a really long 48hour Sunday to me! I am currently in my kitchen eating Scotch pancakes with butter and a cupa, having not long walked through the door after a short four hours in work.

002. At the moment I am living in leggings over sized jumpers and my new boots, named 'Charlie' I will post a picture of these tomorrow otherwise you can pop over to dune and see them for yourself, I love them and am currently wearing them to death :)

003. Me the boyf, his parents and brother have been sitting in the living room for the past hour listening to 34 of Whitney houstons greatest hits eating chocolate and drinking whiskey, interesting choice of evening, We all had a sing along and rejoiced in her beautiful voice.

004. Tomorrow will be a day spent at 'urbs' urban outfitters and nandos with my bestest beauty Beth she is finally home from uni and that's a typical Beth and BlueBelle day!

005. I am moving house on Friday, it shall be interesting and possibly questionable haha.
It is mine and the boyfs valentines day celebrations on Thursday, i have planned the day up until 6pm and he has planned 6pm onwards :) better late than never.

Enjoy your valentines, have a lovely week.


  1. I really like your make-up, the lipstick looks gorgeous :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. Oh thankyou sweets, dior addict in '778 show' is my holy grail lipstick but this is a lovely orange that suits everybody's skin tone and it's only £3.99!