Saturday, 21 July 2012

Who needs Nikes or Keds? Wearing your All Stars, you'll turn all heads

Hello Beauties, 
With the strange rainy weather in the UK drowning out our summer, flip flops and sandals seem to be a no go area. With the sun hiding behind the clouds and the downfalls hitting us out of no where, I never know whether I am coming or going when it comes to what to wear on my feet. I joined the Vans bandwagon along time ago. I own a few pairs however, all of mine are dark colours and I feel they are a bit heavy for "summer" and so I decided to buy a pair of Converse in white. 
They are my best purchase of the summer, they go with everything. They cover my feet come rain or shine. I have been teaming them with floral dresses and cardigans, leggings and shirts or oversized jumpers and jeans. They add 'cool' to any outfit and I love them.

What have you been wearing on your feet this Summer?

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