Sunday, 22 July 2012

Collection, Way to Glow.

Hello Beauties,
I have been on the look out for a new bronzer for a while. After my Dior skin colour and glow bronzer came to its last legs and with the price far to high to justify I have resulted to searching for a drugstore alternative. After purchasing many bronzers from various brands I think I have found a suitable alternative for my beloved Dior colour and glow, at a mere fraction of the price. 
The Bronzer comes in a quad style pallet, the four colours range from warm to cool. The top left is an off white shade with lilac undertones, i use this to cancel out over bronzed errors and highlight my cheek and brow bone. The top right is an olive based brown shade with green and golden flecks. I use this as the main shade on the apple of the cheeks, this shade can also be used to create a neutral smokey eye along with the off white shade as a base. The bottom left is a warm terracotta with golden flecks, I use this to contour (with a light hand). The bottom right shade is my most used shade which i use to highlight the apples of my cheeks and below the brow bone.

 Collection Way to Glow pallette can be purchased here for £4.19 or from your local Boots store. 
All four colours complement each other and work well with one another. I have repurchased the pallet and I am currently on the look out for the blush version!
Here is 'Way to Glow' by newly re-branded Collection, applied before a night out on the tiles with my lovely ladies and I can vouch that it lasted all night long and provided me with a lovely way to glow!
Have you tried Collection bronzer and blushers before?


  1. Looks very pretty on you :) xx