Friday, 9 May 2014

Hello, my name is Belle and I am a Lush Cosmetics addict....

Hello Beauties, 
I've got a sneaky feeling that I am now officially a Lush Cosmetics addict. I have of course secretly known this for quite some time now, however I have tried my best to not admit this, for my bank balance sake and my own! I often come up with excuses for my extreme shopping sprees at Lush. I can now admit that I do not need to justify the ludicrous amounts of my hard earned pennies that I spend on Lush products.
I shop there frequently and excessively, simply because Lush Cosmetics are the best brand for a beautifully hand made bath bomb, a dreamy bath melt or a sumptuous hair mask! Admitting to this has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I will never experience the feeling of guilt after a long and tricky day at Lush, deciding which of the 10 bath bombs in my basket that I actually really do need. 
On my most recent trip to Lush I spent £94.55 (I wasn't lying when I said it was excessive).
A few of the products I purchased I class as treats and a few are absolute essentials, I would even go as far as saying that they are a few of my holy grail items. I do not smoke and I very rarely drink, so spending this much money at Lush does not seem too much to me once every few months, there I go justifying myself again, oooops! 

Here is a list of the products I purchased including links to each one;
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner £15.95, H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment £9.50, Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie £16.50, Rehab Shampoo £10.75, Retread Hair Conditioner £10.25,Green Bubbleroon Bubble Bar £3.50, New Shampoo Bar £5.50, Think Pink Bath Bomb £2.50, Butterball Bath Bomb £2.50, Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt £3.95, Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar £3.25, May Day Bath Bomb £2.95, Honey Bee Bath Bomb £3.25

Even though I spent a total of £94.55 on 13 products, you can pop to your local Lush Store or shop Lush Online and pick up a treat for as little as £1.00, however I dare you to visit Lush and spend less than £10. With the deliciously tempting scents, the gorgeously displayed products lying around and the ever so helpful and charming staff members on hand ready to advise you, it's nearly impossible to leave empty handed!

I will be reviewing each product that I purchased in my next few posts, so stay tuned for them.


  1. I love LUSH too! Nothing wrong with a splurge now and then :D Some lovely products here, looking forward to the reviews :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for the lovely comment. The Honey Bee review is up!