Saturday, 10 May 2014

Honey to the Bee

Hello Beauties,
Following my recent blog post all about my addiction to Lush Cosmetics which you can read here. I thought I'd follow up with reviews on each item and so I will begin with one of my all time favourite Lush bath bombs, the Honey Bee. Every time I visit Lush the Honey Bee bath bomb is the very first item I place in the cute wicker basket provided. I can not resist the sweet honey scent and amazing properties of this bath bomb.

Honey Bee bath bomb is described by Lush as 'Sweet, soothing and cleansing'. I totally agree with the statement made by Lush however I would also describe it as indulging and yummy! Honey Bee onced placed in the bath immediately fizzes up and creates a lemon yellow burst of colour and a white milky foam. The bath water becomes silky and creamy to touch.

Honey Bee is made up of 13 natural ingredients, the six stand out ingredients include;
Rhassould Mud - Cleanses and removes grease from the hair and body. It can be found in the mountains in Morocco and makes up the grey portion of the Honey Bee bath bomb.
Honey- Is a natural antiseptic and encourages the body to retain moisture, it also smells Delicious!
Aloe Vera Extract and Gel - Calms and soothes, whilst hydrating the skin.
Sweet Wild Orange Oil-   Smells absolutely mouthwatering and according to Lush it contains antiseptic and toning qualities and the scent can also lift your mood.
Bergamot Oil- Is uplifting and aromatic and it is believed that adding Bergamot oil to your washing and cleansing routine can treat disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which I am a victim of come the rainy seasons!
Gardenia Oil- Lush use Gardenia Oil to colour their products naturally, however it is believed that Gardenia Oil to treat UTI's, headaches and tension.

Lush have listings on their website for every single ingredient used in their products, so if there is anything you are unsure of in any of their products, it is simple and easy to look them up. The information Lush provide is super informative and interesting. 

Honey Bee is honestly one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush and never fails to impress me, time and time again! You can purchase Honey Bee for £3.25 online at Lush Cosmetics or in your local Lush store!

Have you ever tried Honey Bee? I will have more Lush product reviews to follow!


  1. This is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush, I love the way that smells and how it leaves my skin xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

    1. Hey Dani :)
      I absolutley love it aswell, so relieved they do it all year round!