Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bargain Boots.

hello all,  i hope you've had a nice winters day.
since pay day I have remained good and haven't spent a penny but as I waited in town for the boyf to finish work I couldn't help but have a wander in Boots. unfortunatley I find it very difficult to restrain myself when amongst all those products and so I spent £13 but managed to get some bargains!
I have been searching for the perfect red lipstick for agesss, I have tried MAC, BarryM, Dior & Chanel to name a few, they haven't been the right shade of red and so the search continued until I noticed natural collection in Boots has an offer '3 for £5' I fancied trying one of their blushers and needed some pressed powder and with their Lipsticks at £1.99 I thought i'd splash out.

I bought Pressed powder in 'Neutral', Moisture shine lipstick in 'Cherry Red' and Blushed cheeks in 'Pink Cloud' all for £5.

I am very pale and so the paler the better for me when it comes to powders which funnily enough are hard to find, this one is very pale and simple and cheap which is great, I prefer a cheap powder unless it's Dior and at £37 I think i'll wait till christmas!
 the moisture shine lipstick is exactly that, so smooth and the perfect post-box red i've hunted for. after a bowl of pasta and a cuppa it was still intact and there was no marks on my mug haha.
the blushed cheeks is smooth to touch, has a creamy texture and creates a dewy look which I love.
thankyou Natural Collection.

after having a cold this week my lips have been really dry and so i decided to purchase a carmex lipbalm, they have a new lipbalm out in three shades, peach, pink and clear. they have vitamin e & aloe and a very handy slanted tip to ensure perfect application. the peach one took my fancy, it's really smooth and the peachy tint is really warming and subtle, great smell too.

I also was in need of a comb to backcomb my locks, I used to use a normal small tooth comb but heard that a comb with stiff nylon bristles is better for hair and creates a volumised look without over working the hair and so I bought a neon purple one so that I can find it in my busy handbag.

I will post a picture soon wearing my lovely new products, for now check them out below.
have you bought any of the above? let me know :)

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