Saturday, 22 October 2011

hello all,
just before i pop out for my saturday shopping i am here to post my ocotber glossybox review.
this month i am happy with the products, i recieved 3 dermalogica products plus a carry case, leighton denny nail varnish, a stila eye liner, and 3 perfume samples.

the information card inside is bigger and has barcods on the side, if you have a specific app on your mobile you can scan these and it will take you straight to the website to purchase and review.

i was thrilled to recieve this colour of the leighton denny nail polish in 'babydoll' it is my kinda colour, although i have a few corals and pinks i don't quiet have this shade and i love it, my only glitch with this is the application, lines appear and it isn't as smooth as i imagined but it dries rather quickly and has great pigment. i probably wouldn't purchase it myself as i would stick to nails inc for a smiliar price and better overall satisfaction rating.  i was really pleased with the colour of the stila eyeliner, it's a lovely kakhi with brown, orange and green sparkles in it, it is deffinatley waterproof and glides on like a dream, although i will be contacting glossy about my eyeliner, it took ages for it to wind up and now it is impossible to wind down?
has anybody else had this problem?
the perfume samples are not to my taste and this is where i believe a beauty profile would come in handy for the team at glossybox to possibly minimise complaints, they were beautifully packaged but i do feel a bit let down when recieving perfume samples.
i am overall happy with my glossybox this month, i have tried most products and will be using them till they're all gone. thanks glossybox team, i can't wait till november!

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