Monday, 24 October 2011

pillow talk

evening all,
i have been packing for london and haven't even realised the time. today on my mini mission to buy my holy grail items ready for my trip i could not help but pop to topshop and purchase the most blogged about lipstick this month 'pillow talk'
boy oh boy, i can not wait to get pillow talking!
although my lips are always usually pink stained from my beloved dior addict in 773, i can see that 'pillow talk' has a lovely light baby pink sheen, it has a creme texture just like the MAC shy girl lipstick wich is usually my summer necessity and smells lush, it has a sweet but light strawberries&cream scent.
it looks and smells so yummy.
'pillow talk' is a special edition from topshop so get your hands on it asap.

have you been pillow talking?

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