Saturday, 15 October 2011

latest in beauty

afternoon all,
how is your saturday treating you?
i'm full up with a cold and as I anxiously await my glossy box to cheer me up, my latest in beauty £1 box has arrived, which is my first!
for those of you who have not heared of the latest in beauty £1 box it has a similar concept to glossy.
it is a smaller pink box with an instruction leaflet and your 3 chosen samples. on their website there is a section 'monthly boxes' you choose one item from three different categories make-up&fragrances, skin care and hair&body. there are usually 3-5 items to choose from in each category. you must create a beauty profile which is free, unlike glossy box they ask you questions to help create your beauty profile. to pay for the box you type in your mobile number at the checkout and then they send you a confirmation number through a text, once you type that number into the checkout box £1 gets taken from the method you pay your mobile phone bill whether you are on a contract or credit.
from hair&body I chose the burt's bees therapeutic bath crystals, I am so pleased with them, it is a 44g sachet that smells like vix rub and is a prefect amount for a relaxing bath! in my local debenhams 3 of these in a pack cost £5 I would be happy to have paid £1 alone for these.
from skin care I chose the doctor brand blemish relief kit, it is a three step regime - cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. I thought I would receive only of the three steps but to my surprise I received one of each with instructions which is enough for a morning and night application.
from make-up&fragrance I chose lavera summer glow facial moisturizer. I was expecting to receive one sachet but i received 4 which I think is brilliant. 
once I have used all three I will write up a review for you, but overall I am satisfied with the box, you can only order every 30days which is a bit annoying but understandable. with latest in beauty you can order your box when you feel like it and if there are no products there you want to try then you don't have to!
just like glossy box they give you discounts of the products available and allow you to give feedback on each product.
have you had your latest in beauty? 

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