Monday, 23 January 2012

Rouge Allure

Hello lovelies,
Here is my review of the Chanel 'Rouge Allure' lipstick in shade '65 - Insolente'.
It has a lovely moisturising formula and is opaque with one swipe of the lips, it is a lovely fuchsia pink with blue undertones. if you are purchasing it online be aware that the swatch comes across as a pale milky pink although swatches can't always be correct and rarely ever are.
the packaging of the lipstick is sturdy and has the usual black acrylic casing, the 'rouge allure' range has a popper feature, pictured above is the gold Chanel logo, you push this down to reveal the gold metal encasing the fuchsia lipstick.
i am terribly sorry about the quality of the pictures, hopefully they will improve with practise.
featured in the pictures i am wearing my beloved nails inc polish in 'st james'
Chanel allure rouge lipstick £26, Nails inc polish £11 both debenhams.
Have you purchased either of the above?

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