Monday, 16 January 2012

SundaySummary WK2

christmas morning champagne

001. This week has been hec-tic, I've had exams, lectures and I've been busy at work as well. I even managed to squeeze in the time to bake a pie with the boyf and his brother yesterday and make pecan pie on my own for after our little dinner party today. It was lushes!

002. Next week will probably be just as hectic, the same schedule as last week applies plus an exam on Friday! I will definitely be in need of a cosmetic shopping trip on Saturday especially considering pay day is finally just around the corner, pheww!

003. I have been bathing lots trying out my 'think pink' lush hat box that I had for Christmas off the boyf, everything is so lovely and snow fairy-esque, delicious, hah. I'm also loving my black(white)berry, we're getting along just fine, apart from it's questionable battery life.

004. Excuse the non picture post today, I'm using the iPad to type this up and haven't got all my blog related files stored on it yet so it will resume picture less until tomorrow when I get the chance to dig out the old laptop and find a decent one for you!

005. Cosmetic reviewing will go back to normal as off the 21st once my exam is out of the way I have a whole load of NOTD to show and a pile of 'to review' items just waiting for some attention.

I hope you've had a wonderful Sunday,

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