Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary WK3

saturday morning face with my beautiful Dior Addict 'rouge podium' lipstick in '773'

001. My week has been, so so. With exams finally over I thought I'd have time to relax but with other members of management off at work I was roped in for some extra shifts to cover them.

002. I do not get on with the iPad at all as I tap my fingers on it's screen I resent the clicking noise it makes, I can not upload pictures to blogger when I use it and transferring files has become somewhat of a nightmare.

003. I have been anxiously waiting at my letter box every morning this week awaiting Januarys valentines special glossy box, it is taking forever, I am aware of the late warning of the box from the glossy girls but i want it now! It has been dubbed 'worth the wait' which has made me even more anxious.

004. I have some lush cosmetics to review and a few MUA products also. These will be up on Tuesday. I am also going to sort out the ongoing issues with my PayPal account so that I can purchase a few lust after goods from eBay and also a fabulous cosmetics website 'the cosmetic house'

I will upload my Sunday Sumary picture later today or tomorrow, damn iPad!
I hope you have loved your Sunday.

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